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22 February 2013

31 July 1924 - 22 February 2013 It's been really hard trying to decide what to say in this post.   I'm not very good at this sort of thing normally, and especially today, but I felt that I should explain why you haven't heard from me so much recently, and why you may not for a little while yet. My lovely mum died yesterday after fighting a losing battle over the last few weeks with pneumonia and then complications which set in. She fought so hard, so bravely, but this time luck was not on her side. I will be back, but just not yet. Susie x

Sweets for my Sweet - Valentine's Baking

So Valentine's Day is upon us once again. I can't believe how fast the last few weeks have gone. I've had a really tough week, and all ideas of Valentine's baking for this year have gone out of the window. I'm simply going to enjoy spending some quiet time with Mike, counting my blessings. However, now I've finally got a little time to take a breather, I thought I'd just recap on some past recipes, that if you're looking for a special treat for a loved one, may fit the bill. First off are some Valentine's Red Velvet Cupcakes . If you follow me on Twitter ( @FoldintheFlour ), you may recognise the little cake in the top photo as my avatar. I remember baking these last year, when this blog was still fairly shiny and new and I was just beginning to get out of my normal comfort routine of baking things that you could make in one bowl. I'd found a great post on a blog which showed how to do the cut out heart, but I added  the twist of th

Valentine's Bouquet of Roses Cake

If we're being honest, Valentine's day tends to pass me by a bit. As a teenager, I remember getting excited about it, only to face the realisation that it was going to be yet another year without receiving a card (although I gave a few). Heck, it was yet another year without even the merest sniff of a boyfriend, so I suppose fair's fair. But it is hard to stand by and watch others gleefully receiving when you are not. When Mike and I began going out during our uni days, I eagerly anticipated my first Valentine's card. I could not believe how upset I felt when, after handing over a lovingly and painstakingly selected card - just the right hint of intimacy but with a certain sangfroid - and gift, it slowly dawned on me that Mike was standing there looking pained. He had forgotten. He tried to pass it off, as did I, but it was too late. I had a severe case of wobbly lip and was stifling tears. A hastily drawn heart on a piece of card was proffered. It wasn't be