Sweet Cafe & Bakery

Like, I suspect, a lot of avid home bakers, I had a long term hankering to run my own bakery, come cookshop, come purveyor of interesting, cakey -bakey things.

I was happy in my career though.

Life has a funny way of intervening though, and after a chaotic few years spent fighting the black dog, I had to leave my job for health reasons. Coinciding with Mike being offered redundancy, the opportunity to do something for ourselves was too good to pass up.

Sweet Cafe and Bakery was born when we had the opportunity to buy a local coffee shop.

If you live in the North Cardiff area and are interested in hand made cupcakes, cakes and such, then have a browse of our website sweetcafeandbakery.co.uk.

Otherwise, feel free to set yourself down, grab a brew, and browse my blog. Maybe I can tempt you with a little something ...?




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