Who doesn't like cake? No one I know, that's for sure!

Starting a blog is a bit of a daunting prospect. But as I've had so much enjoyment reading other baking blogs, and have discovered so many new recipes and tips, I thought I'd give it a go.

I've always loved cooking and although I've always baked the odd cake / batch of cookies, it's really only in the last year that I've become really passionate about it. There is something about the preparation, mixing and the smell of home baking coming from your oven. The important bit though, is the sharing with family and friends something that is hopefully pleasurable and brings enjoyment. It's often said by others, too, but it really does take me back to my childhood, in the kitchen with my mum and nan, and some very fond memories. At this time of year we'd often do traditional festive baking. It's now me in thefamily who is the primary baker. So as I started planning some of my own this year, I thought why not blog about it? It's a way of recording it for my family, and if someone else is interested, then that'd be great, too!

The next post will cover my experience trying out Tesco's Mary Berry Christmas Cake mix - I wasn't quite sure of this but thought it was worth a go when I saw it for half price! I know it's not 'real' baking, but these kits are becoming increasingly common. Anyway, the cake is now baking in the oven, so I will do a full post once it is finished.

Hope you enjoy it,



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