And the winner is ...

Well, I hope you all had a fabulous New Year's Eve last night and were not suffering too much this morning! Let's hope that 2013 is a good one!

A quick 'thank you' to those who entered my First Blog Birthday competition. Your support is really appreciated.

As promised, Mike has just pulled from the hat the name of the winner, and congratulations go to Miss C Flash of Food Glorious Food.

If you email me with your address via susie(at)foldintheflour(dot)com, I'll get them posted to you as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoy them and I can't wait to see what recipes you try out!

Best Wishes,



  1. Wow, I can't believe I won! I'll email you asap Happy New Year x

  2. They are on their way to you Miss C, and should be with you on Monday, so hope they get there safely!

    :) x

    1. I received them on Friday (4th). Thanks again! x

    2. Great - glad they got there ok! :) x


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